Friday, October 24, 2014

No Swiss Moth Class Champion for 2014

The re-sail of the swiss moth nationals turned out to be a re-wait.
Unfortunately no race was sailed during the weekend. On Friday some runs for the SYZ&CO Speed week were sailed and the Kite-Foiler Patrick Jan wins with 16.667kts ahead of Jean-Pierre de Siebenthal (16.477) and Philip Käsermann (16.317)

The Moths were in the last days pretty active getting attempts for the SYZ&CO Leman Speed Records in before the deadline end of the week.

On Thuesday Jean-Pierre de Siebenthal managed a 23.04kts over 1km and around 15kts over 1hour.
On Wednesday Philip Käsermann got 24.95kts over 1km but no run over 1hour.
Yesterday Thursday Jean-Pierre went out again an increased his speed to 23.49 over 1km and a really good performance of 20.14kts over 1hour! This 1km attempt is not sufficent to pass Fabien Froeschs performence of 23.54kts

Price giving will be on the 30. October starting at 20h at Société Nautique de Genève
Ranking with the offical result, not all attemps are showed yet:
SYZ&CO Leman Speed Records

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