Starting Moth sailing

We often get requests either for Moth trials in Switzerland or for contacts.

The Swiss Moth Class does not offer trials so far. Also, there is no dedicated school to moth foiling, however, if you want to get into foiling the Swiss Foiling Academy is there to help you. Here is how to get in touch with them:

 - - -JtBEVELk

You may contact us for sailor-contacts in your area, but there is no garantee that they will let you try. The boats are high-price and value objects. Not everybody is willing to leave it to somebody they don't personally know.

For second hand boats, here is the most popular website: However, the place where you are most likely to find the largest number of boats and spares for sale is the facebook groupe "Moth Buy and Sell" (
The number of boats being sol varies depending on the month of the year and the dates of the big competitions, mainly the Moth Worlds. You will always find a big number of boats (and spares) being sold  around that time. Either by people having new ones delivered right before or others selling as soon as the contest has ended. 

The main foiling Moth designs are:

Mach2: (Made in China)
Exocet: (Made in UK)
Bladeriders: (not produced any more, entry level boat, cheap secondhand)

We do not suggest to buy an old lowrider and doing a conversion! You will learn much faster and have more fun buying directly a foiling moth. Feel free to contact us in regards to buying your first boat !