Starting Moth sailing

Often we get requests for Moth trials in Switzerland and requests for contacts.

The Swiss Moth Class does not offer trails so far. There are 3 known providers:

In Geneva:
— with Jean-Pierre de Siebenthal at Société Nautique de Genève.

On Lake Garda, the Italian Moth Class is offering "Learn-to-Fly" Events,
they did not publish dates for 2016, try to contact them:

In Murcia Spain:
ProVela is offering two stages, "Try Fly" and" Learn to Fly"

You may contact us for sailor-contacts in your area, but there is no garantee that they will let you try. The boats are high-price and value objects. Not everybody is willing to leave it to somebody they don't even know.

For second hand boats, have a look @ links. There are links for the two main second hand web pages in the world. In Switzerland there are not many boats on the marked.
The boats will be on the marked around the Worlds, (importing new boats after the worlds)

The 4 main foiling Moth designs are:

Mach2: (Made in China)
Ninja/Rocket: (Made in UK)
Exocet: (Made in UK)
Bladeriders (not produced any more, good entrylevel boat, cheap secondhand)
you can buy upgrades

We do not suggest to buy an old lowrider and doing a conversion! You will learn much faster and have more fun when buying a Foiler.

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